Bill Reichenbach R.I.P.

Bill Reichenbach, SR., a jazz drummer who played on early bossa nova
records with Charlie Byrd and Stan Getz, died yesterday in
Hollywood, CA. He was the father of West Coast trombonist Bill
Reichenbach, Jr. and singer Kurt Reichenbach.

Jazz Samba, with Getz and Byrd, on which Bill, Sr. played drums, is
in the Grammy Hall of Fame. Reichenbach, who operated out of the
Washington, DC area when he was active, also played and recorded
with a wide variety of other musicians and singers, including Tommy
Dorsey and Georgia Gibbs. In preparation for recording the Jazz
Samba album, Byrd and Reichenbach traveled to Brazil in 1961 and
returned home with a wide variety of research materials, including
recordings by Antonio Carlos Jobim which had scarcely been heard
north of the border at that point in history.

Reichenbach, Sr's last recording was with his sons, Bill, Jr. and
Kurt on the latter's recent recording, The Night Was Blue.

s wife died last December. Reichenbach, Sr. has been in
failing health recently, and recently moved west to be closer to his
sons, but at the present time the cause of death is not known.

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