Lev. N Tolstoi

I just finished reading a book containing 6 stories by Lev. N Tolstoi which were fabulous. It was some time since i read a russian classic author but i enjoyed it very very much. Outstanding were 'Master and Servant', 'Sebastopol' and 'Polikoesjka'. 'The dead of Ivan Iljitsj' was very intruiging.

I bought this weekend Michael Lermontov - 'A Hero of our time'. Anyone read it already?

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Ira Levin R.I.P.

Ira Levin, the well known author for his thriller Rosemary's Baby, passed away Monday 12th at the age of 78. Read more about him in this NYT obituary.

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Norman Mailer R.I.P.


Norman Mailer passed away Saterday November 10th. Read here the NYT obituary. Pierre Assouline of course wrote as well about the passing of Mr. Mailer on his blog.

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Raymond Carver

After all those complete and unedited cd boxes of Miles, Trane ... it's now time for the writers and their estates to publish the unedited works. The NYT runs an article on a bunch of unedited Raymond Carver stories which his widow would like to publish.

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Pasolini & Ginsberg

In the NYT edition of this day are (at least) two interesting articles. Since the dollar is quite cheap for us europeans we have no excuse not to buy the payable articles. One is about Allen Ginsberg and the other one about P.P. Pasolini. For 6 dollars you have about 20 pages of great reading for the weekend ;-)

I know the edition of september 27th is already longer available but in these times when our consumption rate is already high enough, why not wait for the proper day to savour the NYRB? It's some reading you have to take some time for anyway.

P.S. If you ran out of money don't hesitate and i'll see what i can do for your reading pleasure!



Elmore Leonard (3)

Hm, forgot to tell you about the NYT 14 part series Elmore Leonard wrote in 2005 called 'Comfort to the enemy'. It's not issued as a novel, but it's still available on his website here. Enjoy!


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Elmore Leonard (2)

Still surfing on the Elmore Leonard site i found out this paperback edition was issued this summer :


Indeed the Complete Western Short Stories. Then i wondered if this were indeed the complete complete short stories since i remembered one short story was found when a so-called complete volume was published. The story behind the lost story can be found here on Elmore Leonards blog.



'The treasure of Mungo's Landing' was indeed the missing short story in the hard back edition, so i couldn't resist in ordering the paperback edition right away.