Libera Carlier RIP

Libera Carlier (born 19.01.1926) was a flemish writer mostly known for the scripts he wrote for public television. He started as captain at sea. His first bok was published in 1957 and was related to his professional occupations. In 1958

he published 'Action Station Go'  which received the Ark's Prize for Free Speech. I read this book about the resistance during WWII in flanders and i really enjoyed it, it was kind of hard boiled written a style you don't expect from flemish writers. Libera Carlier passed away at 81 in Antwerp on April 25. I'll never sell the only book i have by him, that's a promise.

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Kurt Vonnegut RIP

Kurt Vonnegut passed away. You can read a 6 page obit by Dinitia SMITH in the NYT. I admit he is one of those many authors i more read about than i read anything by him.

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Michael Dibdin RIP

At 60, after a short illness Michael Dibdin passed away on march 30th. The creator of the Venetian born inspector Aurelio Zen series will be sorley missed since i will be shortly running out of Zen books to read. Although his first book 'Ratking' didn't catch my breath as for example a James Ellroy novel does there was always a special atmosphere which attracted me to continue reading the series : politics in Italy, Zens problematic relationships with the different women in his life, the fact each book is set in a different part of Italy,... Ah i think i'll read my yearly Zen novel starting this Eastern weekend.You can read The Guardians obituary here. Ciao mr. Dibdin.

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Henri Troyat RIP

Henri Troyat passed away on Sunday, march 4. Le Monde and Le Figaro each have a decent obituary and Le Monde point to the INA site where an interview from 1976 with the author is freely available for a limited time. I didn’t realise he was still alive, he’s name goes back for so long…

I knew Troyat especially because of his biographies. My grandfather had some of them and I must have them somewhere in a box. Time to dig them up…

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The New York Review Of Books

The New York Review Books is a magazine i wish i could get a subscription to but in the mean time i 'm already pleased with the articles on their website and from time to time i buy some article online. I admit it's not the same as having the NYRB in your own hands but you can't have everything.

Athough they publsihed already their march issues on the net i try to read the actual edition, that is of february 15th. Two articles i'll print and read this weekend i guess : One by Ian Buruma on Clin Eastwoods Iwo Jima films (which i haven't seen yet) and another one by Michael Chabon where discusses Cormac McCarthy's latest novel 'The Road'.

In case you don't know what to do with this pre-spring weather, stay inside and read something...



Jack Kerouac

One of those writers i always come back to is Jack Kerouac. This weekend i discovered You Tube and found some real Jack Kerouac treasures on it.

The first one is the well known Steve Allen show from 1959 where Jack kerouac is interviewed and afterwards reads from 'On the road'. Then there's this 1967 shortie showing Jack Kerouac playing pool at the Pawtucketville Social Club, Lowell. Th most historic film i found is a silent footage of Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Lucien Carr, and others in New York, Summer 1959. The location is in and around the Harmony Bar & Restaurant at E 9th St. and 3rd Ave.

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John Connolly

Don't get confused with Michael Connelly. Mr. John Connolly's main character and those of his two comrade's in arms (Louis and Angel) remind me more of Andrew Vacchs' Burke character. Anyway, 'Every Dead Thing' which i read a few years ago blew me away. I can't remember reading such a suspense novel. I couldn't stand the tension almost. Now i finished 'Dark Hollow', his second Charlie 'Bird' Parker novel. No jazz connection besides of the name of the P.I. The tension is still there but to me it's a bit to much blood, killings, tensions, psychopaths etc. I have his third novel 'Killing Kind' still on my to read list but i guess i won't continue to read the series after that one.

The website of Mr. Connolly is quite intresting since he has an own blog, a discussion forum and you can even read some ghost stories. Check it out !

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