Elmore Leonard


Although i haven't read that much of his works ( to be honest only 'Rum Punch', 'Gold Coast' and 'Mr. Majestyk') i'm always interested in his whereabouts. Thanks to my father i have all of his novels , except for the western ones (lucky a lot of them were made into movies like 'Hombre'). Speaking of westerns, '3/10 to Yuma' was released in the USA and i hope sincerely it will come over to the Old Continent very fast.

In the mean time we can savor some NYT articles about the movie and the  author who wrote the original short story. Enjoy!

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Strangers on a Train

Since a week we have satelite television which makes life more bearable. We have about 6 movie channels who broadcast not-french spoken movies in its original version. What a time with all those noir on the Polar channel : 'Phantom Lady', 'Armored Car Robbery', the classic channel with 'Capone', 'Fort Courageous', TMC with 'Party Girl',....

This evening there's a Alfred Hitchcock one in its original version. Although i'm not very fond of Hitchcock, i'm quite curious about 'Strangers on a Train'. This 1951 movie is :

a) not being part of those always related to Hitchcock (as for example 'Rear Window', 'Vertigo', 'The Birds', ...)

b) the script was co-written by a.o. (uncredited) Ben Hecht, Patricia Highsmith and expecially interesting for me : Raymond Chandler. We know Mr. Chandler wrote other scripts as well like the one for 'The Blue Dahlia' so maybe this Hitchcock one will stand the test this evening.

Can't wait. It will always be better than his version of John Buchans 'The 39 Steps';-)


Michel Serrault on ARTE

Due to the passing of Michel Serrault ARTE will broadcast tomorrow evening 'Les Fantômes du Chapelier" a 1982 Claude Chabrol film starring Mr. Serrault and Charles Aznavour in this Georges Simenon adaptation.

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Ingmar Bergman on ARTE

As tribute Ingmar Bergman ARTE will broadcast wednesday august 8, at 20.45 PM 'Saraband', Mr. Bergmans last film from 2002. Not to be missed!


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Philippe Noiret on ARTE

Arte will broadcast 4 films by this famous actor during july & august. Last thursday they started with 'La Grande Bouffe' which will be rebroadcasted on monday july 23. Then will follow 'L'Horloger de Saint Paul' based on a Georges Simenon novel; 'Que la fête commence' and they end the series with 'Coup de Torchon' based on Jim Thompsons 'Pop 1280'. I've seen all 4 of them but will enjoy every minute of them...Especially 'Coup de Torchon' which i want to see again for quite some time now... Reminds me of that Jim Thompson bio i should try to obtain...

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Clint Eastwood

ARTE will spend this evening on Clint Eastwood. They will broadcast (in french but on June 3rd in its original version) Honkytonk Man which i never saw and later on this evening a french docu on mans life and work.

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Pépé Le Moko

France 3 broadcasts this night Julien Duviviers 1936 "Pépé le moko" starring Jean Gabin. It starts at 1.05 AM so technically speaking it's already monday. But who cares while enjoying Jean Gabin trying to survive in the casbah...

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