Sergeï M. Eisenstein

ARTE presents this night a Sergei Eisenstein (no not Bronenosets Potyomkin nor Ivan Grozny nor Alexander Nevski) but his 1929 classic Staroye i novoye. It starts at 00:20 so one good reason to stay late up this weekend ;-)

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Les Orgeuilleux

Arte broadcasts this evening at 20h40 PM Yves Allegrets ‘Les Orgeuilleux’ with Michèle Morgan and Gérard Philippe. It’s based on Jean Paul Sartre’s work “Typhus” and J.P. collaborated with writing the scenario… Not to be missed!


La Marcia Su Roma

France 3 is now running a series of Italian Classics and this evening at 1.05 AM you can watch (or perhaps record for those who have to work tomorrow) Dino Risi’s 1963 ‘La Marcia su Roma’ in its original version starring Ugo Tognazzi and Roger Hanin. Hope you enjoy!


Raoul Walsh & Errol Flynn (2)

This evening, at 1.10 PM on France 3 will broadcast the last of 4 films dedicated to the Raoul Walsh - Errol Flynn collaboration. "They died with their boots on" is a western on the life and times of General George Custer. It was the final film Walsh & Flynn made together. I recall having seen it a long time ago. I wasn't struck by it but maybe i just had seen to many Sergio Leone's and Sam Peckipah movies. Anyway i'll give it another try. Enjoy!


Raoul Walsh & Errol Flynn

On sunday nights France 3 has the good habit to broadcast classic movies in its original version, that is in France with subtitles. Nevertheless they didn't hesitate to cut up 'Quien Sabe' and let out a scene it's an inititiative which has to be supported and made known. Nowadays they 're doing a Raoul Walsh & Errol Flynn series of 4. To me they are thos big names of a long gone Hollywood.

'Silver River' i missed but 'Uncertain Glory' i was able to watch on Valentine's day. Tonight at 00.50 France 3 will broadcast 'Gentleman Jim'. Not to be missed!


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Philippe Noiret RIP

News reaches me that Philippe Noiret, the great french actor passed away today after a long illness. I always remember him in for example 'Coup de tourchon', 'La grande bouffe', 'L horloger de Saint Paul', 'Il faut tuer Birgit Haas' and why not in 'Round Midnight'...


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Robert Altman R.I.P.

Bad news from the movies : films director Robert Altman has left us. Read his obituary in the NYT or start digging up those old video tapes. Afterwards you put on a late Bill Evans cd where he plays Suicide is painless - theme from MASH.


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