Une histoire simple

Yesterday evening we watched Romy Schneider in 1979 a Claude Sautet film called 'Une histoire simple). The film stars also Bruno Cremer and Claude Brasseur. Although the story might in se look rahter banal, Romy Schneiders presence and prestation makes it worth to look at. She plays the role of 39 old woman who let abort her child when a relation with Claude Brasseur is over, gets in contact again with her former husband (Bruno Cremer), starts a new relation with him and then gets pregnant while Cremer disappears again from her life.

It's quite realistic in a way it portraits the people who live their daily life and deal or deal not with their problems. Give it a try. I still have 'L'important c'est d'aimer' to see and hope to record from Arte 'Max et les Ferrailleurs' soon.


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Flags of our fathers

Back at home and found this article in the NYT on Mr. Clint Eastwoods new film. Have a nice read and especially a nice weekend!


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Glenn Ford RIP

One of those old time Hollywood star actors, Glenn Ford, passed away. Where are the days of  'Gilda'; '3:10 To Yuma'; The Big Heat... Read the NYT obituary here.

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