Jackie McLean - Cool Struttin'

Mount Fuji Jazz Festival

Jackie McLean - Alto sax

Woody shaw Trunpet

Cedar Walton Piano

Buster Williams - Bass

Billy Higgins - Drums

Bobby Hutcherson - dancing with unknown woman

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Miles Davis Remixes

Miles Shoes remix

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Johnny Griffin R.I.P.

You know it already of course but here's Steve Voce's obituary for The Independent.

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Hiram Bullock R.I.P.

Here's what the Jazz Network ( http://thejazznetwork.ning.com/) says:

Over the course of his career, from his mid ‘70s run with The Brecker Brothers
to his various stints as a “hired gun” for everyone from Gil Evans and David
Sanborn to Billy Joel and James Brown, Hiram Bullock earned his reputation as
a bona fide guitar hero. But all along, Hiram has also been developing his skills
as a singer/songwriter and charismatic live performer. His style is not easily
categorized, since his playing is a creative blend of rock, funk, blues, and jazz.
It is easy to say, however, that his music is fun ! Hiram Bullock was born in
Osaka, Japan and came to America at the age of 2. As a child, he studied
piano at the Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore, Maryland, playing his
first recital at the age of 6. He learned to play the saxophone at age 11, and
began playing the bass guitar in junior high school rock bands as a teenager.
He switched to guitar at age 16, admittedly “to meet more girls”. Hiram
attended the University of Miami music school, where he studied with Pat
Metheny and Jaco Pastorius, and where he met many of the musicians that he
would play with throughout his professional career. One of his steady
nightclub gigs was with the singer Phyllis Hyman, and this eventually led him
to New York.

Almost immediately after arriving in the Big Apple, Hiram’s international career
began. He first played with David Sanborn, meeting producer Phil Ramone and
playing on many gold and platinum albums. His credits include: The Brecker
Brothers, David Sanborn, Paul Simon, Chaka Khan, Pete Townsend, Bob James,
Sting, James Brown, Miles Davis, Kenny Loggins, Billy Joel, Barbra Streisand,
Burt Bacharach, Roberta Flack, Spyro Gyra, Eric Clapton, Al Green and James
Taylor. He has worked with many others; a full discography can be found on
the discography page of this website.

Hiram gained a huge following as the barefoot guitar player on Late Night with
David Letterman. From the inception of the show until 1984, he was a regular
member of the World’s Most Dangerous Band, led by Paul Shaffer. Other
television work includes being a member of the house band on Saturday Night
Live, and working as the musical director on David Sanborn’s critically
acclaimed Night Music show. He was also seen acting the part of a musician in
Under Siege (starring Steven Segal); he wrote 6 of the internal songs in the

Hiram’s career as a solo artist began in 1983. He has produced all of his
albums, which include many of his own songs. His albums span many different
genres of music, from the contemporary jazz of “From All Sides” to the rock
of “World of Collision”; from the latin-influenced “Carrasco” to the organ-trio
jazz of “Late Night Talk”. The style that Hiram’s fans have come to expect in
live performances is exemplified by the group-oriented funky rock of “Color
Me”, and continued with “Try Livin’ It” and his latest release, “Too Funky 2
Ignore”. He is also known as a dynamic performer, who gives his all for the
sake of the show.

Another sad loss. Hiram played four gigs with Miles (in January 1987) but
refused Miles's request that he stay on with the band. I saw Hiram playing
with David Sanborn at a JVC/Capital Radio Jazz concert in London in the late
1980s and he was amazing, at one stage walking half way the auditorium
steps of the vast Queen Elizabeth II Hall and playing away!

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Joe Beck R.I.P.

Joe Beck (born July 29, 1945, Philadelphia, PA; died July 22, 2008, New York
City) is a guitarist who has been notable in jazz for more than 30 years.
Beck also briefly flirted with rock music in the late 1960s and early 1970s.
Beck actually plays and has played in a variety of jazz mediums, including
jazz fusion, post bop, mainstream jazz and soul jazz. He has played and
recorded with numerous artists, including Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Gil
Evans, Duke Ellington, Buddy Rich, Paul Desmond, Maynard Ferguson, Woody
Herman, Stan Getz, Ali Ryerson, Larry Coryell, Gene Ammons, Sergio Mendez,
Antonio Carlos Jobim, Jimmy Bruno, Laura Nyro, Houston Person, Roger
Kellaway, Richie Havens, Paul Simon, Joe Farrell, James Brown, David Sanborn
and Gato Barbieri

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Lou Reed : Berlin


Lou Reeds has been doin' his famous Berlin record again live in public  of which Julian Schnabel did a film about. Read the NYT review here.

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Miles Davis - Spanish Key

Miles Davis Live at Antibes Jazz Festival, Antibes, France, 1969!

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