Euro 2008

Don't know if you like football (soccer that is for our American friends), but i like to watch a game from time to time.

Sunday we watched the first 10 minutes of an impressive Germany against Poland before putting on Nicholas Rays 'In a Lonely Place'.

Yesterday i watched Italy - The Netherlands and the most horrible happened : The Netherlands won with 3 - 0. I hope all those dutch football fans don't come over to France right now on holiday because it will seem on orange party... They do seem to have won  the Euro already, never mind they will be beaten by France on friday the 13th.

I won't be able to watch that game live but will read all about in in saturdays edition of L'Equipe. 

And to be honest i hope Italy wins from Roumanie and France will only keep the 0 againt the Netherlands which keeps my dream of an Italy - Germany final alive ...

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Bill Finegan R.I.P.

Bill Finegan passed away on june 4th. He was mostly known for his work as arranger as for the Sauter - Finegan Orchestra. You can read more about him here and here.

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Sydney Pollack R.I.P.

Sydney Pollack passed away earlier this week, you can read more about his career here.

Personnaly i enjoyed "3 days of the condor", "Jeremiah Johnson" and of course "They shoot horses don't they"...

Never saw his latest "The Interpreter"....



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Billy Taylor : Storyville 1951

You can listen at an half hour live recording of the Billy Taylor trio from 1951 at Bostons Storyville Club with no one less as Charles Mingus at http://billytaylorjazz.net.



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Bill Reichenbach R.I.P.

Bill Reichenbach, SR., a jazz drummer who played on early bossa nova
records with Charlie Byrd and Stan Getz, died yesterday in
Hollywood, CA. He was the father of West Coast trombonist Bill
Reichenbach, Jr. and singer Kurt Reichenbach.

Jazz Samba, with Getz and Byrd, on which Bill, Sr. played drums, is
in the Grammy Hall of Fame. Reichenbach, who operated out of the
Washington, DC area when he was active, also played and recorded
with a wide variety of other musicians and singers, including Tommy
Dorsey and Georgia Gibbs. In preparation for recording the Jazz
Samba album, Byrd and Reichenbach traveled to Brazil in 1961 and
returned home with a wide variety of research materials, including
recordings by Antonio Carlos Jobim which had scarcely been heard
north of the border at that point in history.

Reichenbach, Sr's last recording was with his sons, Bill, Jr. and
Kurt on the latter's recent recording, The Night Was Blue.

s wife died last December. Reichenbach, Sr. has been in
failing health recently, and recently moved west to be closer to his
sons, but at the present time the cause of death is not known.

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Walt Dickerson R.I.P.

Got another sad message in the mailbox :

"To all concerned:

I was asked to inform you of the regrettable death of vibraphonist Walt Dickerson, by his beloved wife, Elizabeth. Walt passed away on May 15 from cardiac arrest. He was 80 years of age and lived in Willow Grove, PA.

In sympathy,

Andrew Cyrille"

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Bob Florence Obituary

by Rachel McGrath Ventura County Star, May 17, 2008

Legendary jazz composer, arranger and Big Band leader Bob Florence,
who won a Grammy and two Emmy awards during his long career, died
Thursday at his home in Thousand Oaks.

His death came five days before his 76th birthday.

Florence was widely acknowledged as a dominant force in Big Band
music, keeping the genre alive with his own Los Angeles-based band,
Limited Edition. He also was a respected music educator.

"He's been a fixture on the West Coast for over 50 years," said Don
Shelton, a professional musician who has known Florence since 1956
and been a member of his band for the past 20 years.

"I've been listening to his music and crying tears of joy," Shelton
said by phone from his La Quinta home Friday. "He was a very
sensitive man, and he showed that in his music and in his personal

Florence won a Grammy Award in 2000 for Best Large Jazz Ensemble
Performance for his album "Serendipity 18." He received 15 other
Grammy nominations during his career.

He won Emmy awards for Outstanding Achievement in Music Direction
for the 1990 PBS-TV show "Julie Andrews in Concert," which was in
the network's "Great Performances" series, and the 1981 CBS
program "Linda Lavin, Linda In Wonderland."

Florence was born in Los Angeles on May 20, 1932.

In an interview with The Star in 2000, he recalled his earliest
musical memory as "my mother standing over me with a switch, making
me practice."

He was supposed to grow up to be a concert pianist, but he fell in
love with the sounds of Duke Ellington, Count Basie and Woody
Herman. At the age of 19, he dropped his classical music studies in
favor of pursuing his passion for jazz.

His first break came in 1959 when he arranged two numbers for
trumpeter Harry James' band. That led to work with drummer Louie
Bellson and Si Zentner, for whom Florence arranged the 1961 hit "Up
a Lazy River."

He also became the pianist of choice for many singers, including
Julie Andrews, Vikki Carr, Dean Martin, Andy Williams and Red
Skelton, and he wrote charts for Doc Severinsen, the leader of the
in-house big band on Johnny Carson's "Tonight Show" on NBC.

For several years, Florence had been a faculty member at Centrum, a
music and arts center based at Fort Worden State Park in Port
Townsend, Wash., where he led workshops at its annual weeklong jazz

Centrum's associate director Gregg Miller said Florence was highly
respected for his composing and arranging.

"What impressed me so much was that, even though he was an older
man, his playing was so vigorous and youthful," said Miller. He
noted Florence was scheduled to lead the Centrum faculty's All-Star
Big Band in a concert of his own music July 26 in Washington state.

Instead, Kim Richmond, adjunct assistant professor of Jazz Studies
at USC's Thornton School of Music — and lead alto player in
Florence's band — will direct the All Stars in a tribute to him.

Florence's survivors include his wife, Evie, their two children and

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