Studs Terkel R.I.P.

Studs Terkel, the Pulitzer prize-winning author passed away recently. Read more about him in  the obituary from The Guardian.

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Juul Anthonissen R.I.P.

The belgian clubowner and concert organiser Juul Anthonissen passed away, he was 77 years old.
He founded the Hnita Jazz Club in in Heist O/D Berg in 1955. A lot of great jazz musicians came to play there : Art Pepper, Keith Jarrett, Frank Morgan, Tony Williams, Jay Jay Johnson, Lou Donaldson, Nat Adderley, Jackie McLean (the cd The Jackie Mc Attack was recorded here), Warne Marsh, Chet Baker, Von Freeman, Teddy Edwards, Mike Stern...
The club was situated in and old renovated stable. I remember when Tony Williams was there , Juul called the Police of the city to warn them that they could receive calls from neighbours due to the loudness of Tony's playing. All musicians knew Jules, even the younger generations as Roy Hargrove, Vincent Herring...
He was always triving to get the best musicians in his club even if he knew if he wouldn't make any benefit for the club, on the contrary, he always had to put some personnel money into it...
R.I.P. Juul! Thanks for the great concerts!

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Miles Davis Interview

Here's an interesting 1971 article posted by the original  interviewer. It's relevant to the Bitches Brew era.

Enjoy the read!

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Dave McKenna R.I.P.

Just got this in the mailbox :

"Dave McKenna passed away peacefully late last night. As some of you know he'd been sidelined for the past few years -- living out in Pennsylvania close to his son Steve. Worsening conditions from diabetes and other issues kept him from playing in recent
years. It was cancer that finally did him in."

Read more about Mr McKenna here.

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Wanted : Sarah Palin Lookalike

I got this link on the Miles-List the other day :

Sarah Palin lookalike

Everything is possible these days, ain't it?


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Marc Moulin R.I.P.

Marc Moulin, a belgian musician passed away on friday september 24th. He gained a reputation due to his collaboration in the 70's with Philip Cathérine  and with his own group Placebo.

This collaboration with Philip Cathérin was partially repeated for Moulins album called Top Secret. You can read more about Marc Moulin here.


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James Ellroy : BLOOD’S A ROVER

A new James Ellroy is coming, just a year from now! You can read a tiny little bit more here. Just reading the content of the book gives me good that i can spend my summer holiday in 2010 with this new gem ;-)

Just started counting the days....



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