Billy Taylor : Storyville 1951

You can listen at an half hour live recording of the Billy Taylor trio from 1951 at Bostons Storyville Club with no one less as Charles Mingus at http://billytaylorjazz.net.



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Dr. Billy Taylor Begins his 87th Year

Billy Taylor presents his Suite for Jazz Piano and Orchestra on http://billytaylorjazz.com, new release, Billy Taylor & Gerry Mulligan Live at MCG Drops 8/28
http://billytaylorjazz.com, is now featuring Billy's first extended work, Suite for Jazz Piano and Orchestra.  Dr. Taylor was commissioned to write the Suite for the Utah Symphony by conductor Maurice Abravanel, back in the 70s, when both men were on the board of the National Endowment for the Arts.   After its premiere, with Abravanel conducting, Billy went on to perform the Suite with symphony orchestras worldwide.  And after his maiden voyage in extended composing, he went on to write a number of other lengthy works, including "Let Us Make A Joyful Noise," and "Peaceful Warrior," which will also be featured on the site later this year.
Billy Taylor has a long relationship with Pittsburgh's Manchester Craftsmen's Guild (MCG).  He played for the grand opening of the Manchester Craftsmen's Guild Music Hall in 1987 and has presented a colorful palette of programs at MCG over the past 20 years. Billy Taylor and Gerry Mulligan, Live at MCG represents one of those very special moments from 1993.
Recorded three years before the death of Mulligan, this recording finds both masters in great form. With the help of Chip Jackson on bass and Carl Allen on drums, they romp through a swinging collection of standards, as well as Billy's spirited calypso Capricious and Mulligan's immortal Line for Lyons
Billy and Gerry were friends on and off the bandstand, which can genuinely be heard throughout this entire performance. On this recording, they finish each other's phrases and laugh at each other's musical jokes. Their duet on "All The Things You Are" is a lustrous example of their shared musical heritage and life-long bond, music guaranteed to survive the ages.

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