Dennis Irwin

If you haven't already heard, Dennis Irwin is very seriously ill and will be leaving New York City quite soon to seek other treatments.  Right now he needs our support both spiritually and financially.

We will be having a benefit event for him at Smalls Jazz Club on Sunday, February 3rd after the Super Bowl.   Even though this may not be the most convenient date, time is of the essence and we cannot wait.   We will begin at 10:00 PM and continue until 4:00 AM at Smalls.  Everyone is invited to come down and participate by playing and also by making a contribution.  A box will be set up so that the donations will be discreet and anonymous.  Everything collected will go directly to Dennis.  There will be no cover charge for this event but you'll be expected to contribute something, whatever's within your means.  Smalls will be donating a portion of bar sales to Dennis as well (so come and drink!).
Smalls is located at 183 West 10th street at 7th avenue, just down the street from the Village Vanguard. 

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