Elmore Leonard : Road Dogs

One can start his weekend reading with a NYT review of Elmore Leonards latest novel 'Road Dogs'.

Or with the novel itself of course Knipogen

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Elmore Leonard (3)

Hm, forgot to tell you about the NYT 14 part series Elmore Leonard wrote in 2005 called 'Comfort to the enemy'. It's not issued as a novel, but it's still available on his website here. Enjoy!


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Elmore Leonard (2)

Still surfing on the Elmore Leonard site i found out this paperback edition was issued this summer :


Indeed the Complete Western Short Stories. Then i wondered if this were indeed the complete complete short stories since i remembered one short story was found when a so-called complete volume was published. The story behind the lost story can be found here on Elmore Leonards blog.



'The treasure of Mungo's Landing' was indeed the missing short story in the hard back edition, so i couldn't resist in ordering the paperback edition right away.


Elmore Leonard


Although i haven't read that much of his works ( to be honest only 'Rum Punch', 'Gold Coast' and 'Mr. Majestyk') i'm always interested in his whereabouts. Thanks to my father i have all of his novels , except for the western ones (lucky a lot of them were made into movies like 'Hombre'). Speaking of westerns, '3/10 to Yuma' was released in the USA and i hope sincerely it will come over to the Old Continent very fast.

In the mean time we can savor some NYT articles about the movie and the  author who wrote the original short story. Enjoy!

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Elmore Leonard

For the amateurs of Elmore Leonard i have some good news, just follow the link and you'll arrive at a recent interview with the Maestro himself. Read it here!

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