Raoul Walsh & Errol Flynn (2)

This evening, at 1.10 PM on France 3 will broadcast the last of 4 films dedicated to the Raoul Walsh - Errol Flynn collaboration. "They died with their boots on" is a western on the life and times of General George Custer. It was the final film Walsh & Flynn made together. I recall having seen it a long time ago. I wasn't struck by it but maybe i just had seen to many Sergio Leone's and Sam Peckipah movies. Anyway i'll give it another try. Enjoy!


Raoul Walsh & Errol Flynn

On sunday nights France 3 has the good habit to broadcast classic movies in its original version, that is in France with subtitles. Nevertheless they didn't hesitate to cut up 'Quien Sabe' and let out a scene it's an inititiative which has to be supported and made known. Nowadays they 're doing a Raoul Walsh & Errol Flynn series of 4. To me they are thos big names of a long gone Hollywood.

'Silver River' i missed but 'Uncertain Glory' i was able to watch on Valentine's day. Tonight at 00.50 France 3 will broadcast 'Gentleman Jim'. Not to be missed!


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