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I got this in the mailbox the other day :


"Bret Primack started the first Jazz blog in 1998, Bird Lives, where as the Pariah, he fought a never ending battle for truth in the Jazz biz. Primack was a respected Jazz journalist who was also a web pioneer when he decided to pose as the Pariah and write diatribes directed at the injustices of the music industry.  Bird Lives quickly caught on and became a talked about website, entertaining many, and ruffling a few feathers a long the way.  Several thin skinned record company executives even threatened Bret with lawsuits. But after September 11th, Bret decided to focus on other targets, and he suspended the site.

Now, Bird Lives returns, as Bret's Video Blog.  For the past three years, Bret has produced videos for such artists as Sonny Rollins, Billy Taylor and Joe Lovano. And with the advent of web video, he decided to utilize this new medium to tell his stories in a new way.

The first edition features a Tribute to Michael Brecker, which includes rare interview footage Bret did with Michael, as well as an amazing performance of the Saxophone Summit (Brecker, Dave Liebman and Joe Lovano), Live at Birdland in 1999.

Bird Lives also serves as a video portal, and includes Bret's favorite YouTube videos, as well as links to other relevant video on the content the web."

It's indeed worth checking it out. Enjoy!


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Michael Brecker

Better late than never but it's about time i write something about Michael Brecker who left us recently. I saw Mr. Brecker two times live : one time in august 2003 with his quartet (Joey Calderazzo, Chris Min Dohky and Jeff Tain Waits). This was one of these concerts i just won't forget. I was truly surprised in the good sense of the word with Mr. Breckers playing. His solo rendition of Naima was the highlight of the concert. I was able to record some tracks here and there from radio broadcasts so i listened at this concert quite often the last week. The second time i saw him was later that year with the Three Tenors project where he played with Dave Liebman and Joe Lovano. This concert i enjoyed less but gave me the opportunity to meet some new friends (Hi Rocco , hi Michael) which i happen to see quite regularly so in that way i deeply must thank Mr. Brecker for that occasion.

RIP Mr. Brecker and thanks for those unforgettable moments.

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