Sal Mosca (2)

Exactly a week ago i saw and heard Sal Mosca. As i said it was a solo performance. Mr. Mosca himself was still going strong, walking on stage and taking place at the piano without hesitation. He played all standards which took about 4 or 5 minutes a piece. After half an hour he went to the microphone, and instead of starting a social chat and introducing the music he played, he just said :"Please excuse me i'll be back in a few minutes." After two minutes indeed he returned to the stage and started playing again.The Big Disappointment was that he continued for only 15 minutes and then left the stage definitvely.

No doubt it was a nice concert and the music was enjoyable to listen at - Mr. Mosca puts a lot of humor in his music - the concert was waaaaaayyyyy to short. But okay, i won't complain, i saw and heard him and will alwyas remember that.

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