Pasolini & Ginsberg

In the NYT edition of this day are (at least) two interesting articles. Since the dollar is quite cheap for us europeans we have no excuse not to buy the payable articles. One is about Allen Ginsberg and the other one about P.P. Pasolini. For 6 dollars you have about 20 pages of great reading for the weekend ;-)

I know the edition of september 27th is already longer available but in these times when our consumption rate is already high enough, why not wait for the proper day to savour the NYRB? It's some reading you have to take some time for anyway.

P.S. If you ran out of money don't hesitate and i'll see what i can do for your reading pleasure!



The New York Review Of Books

The New York Review Books is a magazine i wish i could get a subscription to but in the mean time i 'm already pleased with the articles on their website and from time to time i buy some article online. I admit it's not the same as having the NYRB in your own hands but you can't have everything.

Athough they publsihed already their march issues on the net i try to read the actual edition, that is of february 15th. Two articles i'll print and read this weekend i guess : One by Ian Buruma on Clin Eastwoods Iwo Jima films (which i haven't seen yet) and another one by Michael Chabon where discusses Cormac McCarthy's latest novel 'The Road'.

In case you don't know what to do with this pre-spring weather, stay inside and read something...